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The overall objective is retooling and providing an opportunity for staff to gather new skills, methods, tools and insights into results focused provision of services to parliament and the public.

It is expected that after the course:

Staff will be more focused on results and will increase the quality of their services and their ability to measure the results using the tools and methods acquired during this course.

Session I: Customer Oriented Service to Parliament

The session introduces the organizational aspects of parliaments and implications of those aspects to the skills required to serve them.


Session 2: Efficient Parliamentary Services for Effective Parliaments 

The session starts with a discussion of the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness from a socio-technical point view.


Session III: Supporting Committees to Increase Their Effectiveness

The session focuses on the critical roles of parliamentary committees and the challenges they face in their work.


Session 4:  Measuring Parliamentary Effectiveness: A Capacity Approach 

Using the African Parliamentary Index, used by the Parliamentary Centre, the session introduces indicators used in the index, takes the participants through each of them and discusses the results of self –assessment by Members of Parliament in seven African countries in 2011. 


Session 5: Measuring Parliamentary Effectiveness: A Performance Approach 

The session introduces the link between democracy and parliamentary effectiveness and takes the participants through the performance criteria used by the two institutions in their research. Coverage takes the participants through deeper insights into performance criteria, effectiveness measured by structures of performance and key test indicators of the parliamentary effectiveness on its representative, legislative and oversight mandates.


Session 6: Supporting Parliaments to Get More Connected 

The session starts with coverage of achievements by EAC parliaments in innovation on websites and other means of communication with citizens taking note of the environments within which these innovations are taking place.

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