Members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) and of the African–European Parliamentarians Initiatives (AEPI) have a solid and successful history of working together since 2002. The partnership is a natural synergy, where EALA has a need for independent expertise in capacity building, and AEPI has been built on almost 40 years of effective parliamentary capacity building throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


This harmonious alliance was further cemented in November 2018 when the two organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding. In its role as one of the main decision-making organs of the East African Community, EALA Members saw the need for all their Members and the support staff to function to the best of their ability, which includes offering them the capacity to do so. EALA’s role is pivotal in sustaining and increasing regional unity and capacity. The core of AEPI’s mission is to promote good governance and leadership to those who are the voice of the people.


EALA and AEPI agreed to create a programme that would aim to:

  • Build and enhance the capacity of EALA to meet the objectives set out in the Treaty for the East African Community;

  • Support capacity building to enhance EALA’s legislative, oversight and representation performance in its 4th Assembly which runs from 2017 to 2022;

  • Empower Members and staff of EALA to carry out their specific mandates through capacity building activities, training, study visits and exchange programmes and participation in international parliamentary activities.


In 2012 in an Act of the Assembly it was decided to create the East African Parliamentary Institute (EAPI) in order to provide the legal framework for establishing a parliamentary training Institute to fulfil the above aims. During its session in the autumn of 2020 further policy was put in place to launch the institute. EALA reached out to their partner, AEPI with the request to assist in forming the institute and providing and organising the capacity building process. Both parties agree that the programme can only be implemented to the extent that funding is available and AEPI has undertaken to approach possible donors to carry out this important work.

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Introduction by Hon. Brendan Howlin, AEPI Vice President