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Session 1: A Customer Oriented Service to Parliament 

The session introduces the organizational aspects of parliaments and implications of those aspects to the skills required to serve them. It touches upon some of the key roles staff play in parliament and the challenges involved. It introduces concepts and practices of customer care in parliamentary services and the key requirements for implementing a culture of customer care, methods and tools for administering it, building it within M&E practices for service results, learning and innovations. It has two exercises: one for staff to assess themselves on the critical skills required to serve parliament and another one for participants to use the tools covered in the session to measure the level of customer care in their parliaments. 

Reading Materials
Olivier Serrat, 2009, Building a Learning Organization, Washington DC, Asian Development Bank. 
Seeda Dawood, Learning Organization-Conceptual and Theoretical Framework in International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (HUSSE) Vol.2 Issue 4, April 2015, pp93-98. 
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